The Resurface Group - Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

"Simply put, our goal is to give our clients sustainable results that last well beyond their outgrowth of us."

- Ari Drosman, Co-Founder

Integrity and Passion - The Resurface Group

Integrity & Passion

These are more than catchphrases to the team at The Resurface Group in Costa Mesa, California. We know our services can offer new life and new hope for our clients - a new possibility for entire families. This is a powerful motivation that also holds us accountable to the highest standards. Because we understand the gravity of what’s at stake, our stance is that everyone has an option. No one is untreatable. This is what the team at The Resurface Group is committed to.

Mission & Vision

The Resurface Group is a family focused, home-based alternative option for Behavioral Health in Southern California. Our mission is to deliver alternative solutions to people battling addiction and mental health - people who have lost their sense of hope or meaning. With innovative approaches and proven clinical techniques we inspire even the most complex individuals and family systems to create positive, healthy changes. The Resurface Group itself is a family of licensed, certified, and highly skilled individuals with decades of experience treating addiction and mental health.

The Resurface Group -  Mission & Vision
The Resurface Group - Clients & Purpose

Clients & Purpose

Each of our clients receives personal connections with our team, balanced growth and change, promoting adaptability, autonomy and freedom, a clear path that is predicated on individualized goals, and out-of-the-box creativity from our experienced team.

“After countless rehab visits and feeling burnt out we began to lose hope for our son. Meeting the Resurface team and seeing their structure and adaptability to meet the needs of our son, along with the specific treatment gave us our hope back. Fast forward, here we are celebrating continuous, successful sobriety for the first time in our son’s life.”

- Michael A., Father

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