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Orange County Mental Health Services

Looking for top-notch mental health services in Orange County? The Resurface Group offers comprehensive and long-term treatment options. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families dealing with complex mental health challenges.

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At Resurface Group, we recognize the importance of mental health in maintaining overall well-being. That's why we go above and beyond to provide cutting-edge and tailored services, ensuring every individual receives the support they need to thrive. From family systems therapy to coaching and life skills, our range of services is designed to create positive and lasting changes.

What sets Resurface Group apart is our commitment to providing holistic care. We believe that true healing happens not just within the confines of an office, but also in the home and social settings. By spending time with you outside the office, we ensure that their care is individualized and tailored to each person's unique needs.

Convenient Mental Health Services

In the digital age, convenient online therapy services have become increasingly popular and necessary. These mental health services provide an invaluable lifeline for those dealing with mental illness. Online therapy offers a solution for maintaining mental health and receiving immediate assistance when needed.

One of the many advantages of online therapy is the flexibility it provides. You can have sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home, making it a particularly appealing option for those who may find it difficult to leave the house.

Online therapy can also provide the necessary emotional support and treatment for those affected with mental health issues. Having access to a therapist without the need for an in-person visit can make the process of seeking help less intimidating, encouraging more people to take the first step in addressing their mental health.

For those with a family member dealing with mental illness, online treatment services can also be a great aid, providing immediate assistance and resources. We can also connect you to a mental health association to access community support groups and informational resources, providing direct service to those in need.

Personalized Care for Any Mental Illness

Resurface Group provides personalized care and emotional support that focuses on the treatment of children and adults affected by untreated mental illness, substance abuse, and disordered eating.

We also recognize the significance of support and assistance in the recovery process. We offer a range of resources and programs to help individuals and families cope with the effects of mental health challenges and substance abuse.

By partnering with our clients and utilizing community resources, Resurface Group is committed to helping individuals and families reclaim their lives.

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Best Mental Health Services in Orange County

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Resurface Group stands unrivaled as the best mental health services provider in Orange County, with our holistic approach to wellness and a comprehensive slate of offerings for adults, adolescents, veterans, and organizations. Our innovative programs are designed to offer targeted solutions for various mental health conditions.

Experience the best mental health services in Orange County with Resurface Group. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and learn more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mental health challenges does Resurface Group address?

Our expertise spans a wide range of treatment areas, including substance abuse, disordered eating, mood disorders, trauma, and behavioral difficulties.

We also focus on addressing family dynamics, enhancing communication skills, and fostering essential life skills. Our goal is to offer accessible and comprehensive support for recovery that benefits children and adults overcome life obstacles, provide education, and achieve lasting well-being.


Who are the therapy professionals that offer their expertise at Resurface Group?

Resurface Group is proud to offer virtual therapy and other services delivered by a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals. Our diverse range of experts includes clinicians, coaches, therapists, and counselors, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and tailored program that meets your individual needs.

Does Resurface Group accept health insurance for their online therapy services?

At Resurface Group, our goal is to provide the best-in-class treatment at an affordable price for you and your family. We can accept the following payment options (or various combinations) to assist in paying for rehab.

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