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When you or your loved one receive care from The Resurface Group, you are choosing a unique path to addiction treatment and/or mental health care. Because of this, you can count on a few realities that may not be present in other typical styles of treatment. This is what sets The Resurface Group apart.

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Jason Brumback

Chief Business Officer

Jason Brumback, Founder and President, co-founded the Resurface Group after working as a counselor in the mental health and addiction field for several years, as well as operating companies servicing this space. Throughout his time working in this arena, Jason noticed that there were major limitations to the traditional treatment model. This realization led him to develop a program that offers long-term, family-focused care that creates lasting change for the entire family system. Jason and his co-founders designed Resurface Group to treat a variety of behavioral health issues such as mental health disorders, addiction, and behavioral concerns through experiential methods and intensive family support. Before his journey into the mental health field, Jason owned and operated a thriving company in commercial development and construction management. In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and son, golfing and driving sports cars.

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Ari Drosman

Chief Visionary Officer


Ari Drosman LMFT 95945, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, has been actively helping others for over 20 years. As an LMFT, Ari has worked in a variety of settings with a vast array of clients including women, adolescents and families. Ari is deeply connected to pervasive mental illness, neurodivergence, addiction and pharmacology, and his expertise is highlighted by both educating others and staying up-to-date with current research. Ari developed the Resurface Group approach nearly two decades ago after realizing the need to provide alternative care for diverse clients and families. When Ari is not accessing his passions clinically, he enjoys spending time with his family (wife Leslie, son Gavin, and dogs Maya and Einstein), farming, raising chickens (19 and counting!), surfing and attending concerts. As both a clinician and supervisor at Resurface Group, Ari brings a spirit of dedication, significant skill, and a very healthy dose of levity.

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Mike Boyer

Chief Clinical Officer

Mike Boyer AMFT121147, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, has worked in the behavioral health field as a therapist, mentor, coach, and program manager since 2014. After struggling to find health, direction, and identity for years, Mike’s life took a dramatic and healing turn after graduating from the University of Denver. Through his own journey, Mike found a deep passion for helping individuals and families find their true path in life. He obtained a M.S. in Counseling from California State University Fullerton and completed his graduate research in the area of shifting mental health trends amongst transitional age youth. Mike holds a deep specialty for helping individuals navigate important life transitions such as returning to school, work, or gaining independence while balancing mental health issues. He uses an eclectic therapeutic approach to help clients, drawing from modalities such as narrative therapy, CBT/DBT, mindfulness-based practices, and solution focused therapies. Mike finds deep personal fulfillment and joy from connecting with outdoor hobbies like rock climbing and tennis, spending time with his two senior dogs, and practicing mindfulness.

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Chelsea Reeves

Lead Clinician

Chelsea Reeves AMFT 124140 and LAADC, President of Austin and VP of Marketing, grew up in East Texas where her passion for connecting and helping others was first ignited. Chelsea moved to Newport Beach when she was only 19 to begin her own journey of recovery. This experience inspired her to begin working in the mental health field, and for the last decade Chelsea has held positions at a variety of adult and adolescent treatment programs. Chelsea has also volunteered at non-profit organizations like Long Beach Rescue Mission, The Lynne House and Facing Addiction, where she has been awarded impressive leadership roles. Chelsea holds an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Chelsea specializes in treating young adults and adolescents with a dual diagnosis—particularly eating disorders coupled with mental disorders. Chelsea approaches each client individually, and integrates theoretical interventions such as mindfulness techniques, experiential therapy, family systems work, solution-focused therapy, and more. In addition to being an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor, Chelsea is also a Certified Interventionist, Certified Food Addictions Coach, Certified Empowerment Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Firewalk Instructor. During her free time, Chelsea enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, attending concerts, and traveling the US in her custom-built skoolie. 

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Rex Ferguson

Lead Clinician

Rex Ferguson LMFT 128476, Clinical Operations Manager, developed a passion for helping others while serving as a faith-based youth director throughout college and into early adulthood. After experiencing healing through his own therapeutic work, Rex was inspired to further his interest in the mind-body connection by pursuing a master’s in Clinical Psychology. Rex is constantly striving to better understand how individuals navigate both relationships and their personal growth. Rex is also passionate about helping those struggling with addiction, and prior to joining Resurface Group he worked in substance abuse treatment where he saw the importance of engaging with both the identified patient and the identified patient’s family in order to achieve maximum growth and healing. Rex’s primary focus and training is on attachment and family systems theoretical approaches, providing a caring and safe environment to explore family matters and develop creative solutions. When he’s not providing therapy, Rex enjoys reading, surfing and spending time in nature. 

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Kristen Smith

Director of Development

Kristen Smith, Director of Development, Since 2003, Kristen has been marketing, admissions, and communications for various mental health and substance abuse facilities across the United States. Kristen began her career at an advertising agency in Houston, Texas, after graduating from Texas Christian University with a Business Marketing Degree. Kristen has worked for national programs providing all levels of care. She knows firsthand the challenges of connecting clinical, marketing, admissions, and operations and seamless communication. In 2002 Kristen began her journey in recovery and is passionate about helping others do the same. In her spare time, she loves the beach, hiking and spin classes.. 

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Johnathan Monte

Life Coach

Jonathan Monte, Operations Manager and Life Coach, is a dynamic and multi-faceted coach, transformation strategist, speaker and author who helps clients transform their lives through his one-on-one coaching. He has more than 27 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, celebrities, CEO's, and individuals struggling with trauma, mental illness, substance abuse and executive functioning.​Through his personal and professional experience, Jonathan has developed powerful, practical and proven methods which allow him to understand, connect and guide his clients to uncover and overcome the hidden blocks holding them back, discover a more authentic identity, create lasting changes, unleash their potential, achieve their goals and create a life of greater happiness and purpose. Jonathan enjoys surfing, snorkeling, camping, and hiking, as well as visiting Disneyland with his family.

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Jack Emery

Lead Clinician

Jack Emery AMFT 130665, Lead Clinician, grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jack received his BA in Psychology and Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz. With the goal of entering the helping profession, Jack was inspired to further his education at Southwestern College where he completed his M.A. in Clinical Counseling. During graduate school, Jack merged his love for the outdoors with his studies, ultimately experiencing the healing benefits of nature. As a result of this profound experience, Jack often incorporates outdoor activities within his therapeutic work. Following graduation, Jack received extensive training in family systems therapy at a New Mexico-based non-profit agency, and then moved to Southern California where he registered as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Jack worked for more than five years as a primary therapist at both residential and intensive outpatient settings, where he provided mental health care to adolescents and their families. Jack has experience with theoretical approaches that include DBT, CBT, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, strategic brief therapy and solution-focused therapy. Jack continues to enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing and more.

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Stephanie Gebhard

Lead Clinician

Stephanie Gebhard ACSW 104739, Lead Clinician, grew up in Orange, California. After going through a time of personal growth and becoming a mother, Stephanie returned to school and earned her BA in Sociology from University of California Los Angeles. During her time in Los Angeles, Stephanie witnessed a gap in mental health resources to vulnerable communities in the area, which motivated her to pursue an education in mental health. After graduating college, Stephanie was accepted into the University of Southern California’s Master of Social Work program with an emphasis in Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing. During the final year of her graduate program, Stephanie began her second master’s in Preventative Medicine, focusing on community health in order to gain a macro perspective on how environments affect mental health across all populations. In addition, Stephanie also specializes in substance use disorders and trauma work. Stephanie has experience in mindfulness-based practices, CBT, equine therapy, art therapy, and more. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys experiencing life with her daughter and two dogs, Lady and Lana.

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Ronnie Sumrall

Lead Clinician

Ronnie Sumrall ACSW 215712, Lead Clinician, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where his dedication to helping others search for a better life began. In addition to working as a suicide prevention counselor, Ronnie has also established himself as a primary mental health and substance abuse therapist. He’s particularly proud of his work with individuals experiencing homelessness, guiding them to find both independence and stability. Ronnie holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and he went on to obtain his master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California. Ronnie tailors his clinical approach to meet each client’s unique needs, and he often uses client-centered and solution-focused therapeutic interventions and approaches. In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys cooking, singing and exploring the outdoors. 

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Katie Fischer

Mental Health Coach

Katie Fischer, Mental Health Coach, grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the event and hospitality industry, Katie had the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the world, traveling nationwide to produce events, execute marketing campaigns, and manage accounts. Ten years later, she found herself with a full CV and an empty heart. Through her own journey in recovery, Katie discovered her unparalleled passion for helping others who are also struggling, and uncovered her personal superpower—connecting with just about anyone and everyone. She took a leap of faith, and began consulting and working for a variety of educational organizations where she acted as a Therapeutic Aide, Behaviorist, program director, and more. Katie is beyond excited to be joining Resurface Group as a Mental Health Coach and is eager and ready to bring her eclectic experience into her working relationships with clients and their families. In her free time, Katie focuses on her wellness product line, DV Elemental, and volunteers at PAL Youth Center and Chrysalis Employment Agency. She is also a very proud dog mom, and can usually be found outdoors enjoying nature, cooking up a feast, and hosting dinner parties. 

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Taylor Kreiss

Lead Clinician

Taylor Kreiss ACSW 106008, Lead Clinician, grew up in Los Angeles, California. Compelled to understand the good life, meaning, purpose, and happiness, Taylor received his BA in Philosophy from University of California Los Angeles. Craving further scientific grounding and practical wisdom, he and his Pomeranian, Bandit, drove cross country to Philadelphia, where he pursued a master’s in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. While in Philly, Taylor worked as the Director of Special Projects for the Positive Psychology Center, conducting research, teaching, coaching, writing popular psychology, and podcasting. Hoping to help with the holistic human experience, Taylor went on to receive a master’s in Social Work at UCLA and became a psychotherapist. Taylor prioritizes client autonomy and therapeutic alliance as his primary guiding principles. He works with client-centered therapy, CBT, ACT, existential therapy and positive psychology, among other modalities. He enjoys staying active with martial arts, hiking with his dog, and traveling to faraway places. 

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Maggie Gattis

Mental Health Coach

Maggie Gattis, Mental Health Coach, grew up in Orange County. As a woman in recovery, and a sister, daughter, friend, and coach of those with mental health and addiction struggles, Maggie truly understands what it’s like to be on many sides of mental illness. She has seen hope blossom into miracles time and time again, which keeps her passion alive for this industry. Maggie specializes in helping clients with Substance Use Disorders and has spent time working at non-profits, sober livings, as well as a multi-faceted sober companion; she prides herself in being able to encourage others during this very transformative and challenging time in their lives. When she’s not working, Maggie enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, music, sports, arts, and more. Above all else, she cherishes spending time with her family and loved ones. 

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Kayte Roberts

Lead Clinician

Kayte Roberts LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with several years of clinical experience in mental health and addiction treatment. Kayte began her clinical journey in 2006, volunteering as a client advocate at a well-known treatment center in Pennsylvania. This experience inspired Kayte to dedicate her professional life to helping others. She values approaching each client in a truly individualized fashion, understanding that every person experiences life in a unique way, and therefore needs their own unique plan for healing. 


Kayte earned her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles where she specialized in LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy and addiction studies. She is dedicated to helping folks of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions learn to celebrate and honor their true selves. Her clinical work with recovering individuals is grounded in the belief that healing from addiction and mental health issues requires finding true connection to one’s self and others. Kayte supports her clients as they find their own path toward unraveling toxic shame, creating space for individuality, and finding authentic and radical self-empowerment. 

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Matt Cheney

Executive Administrator

Matt Cheney, Executive Administrator, holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University Long Beach. Matt has always been passionate about giving back, and during college he volunteered at The Salvation Army and the Long Beach Office of Veteran Affairs where he ran therapy groups and helped veterans transition back into society. In addition to volunteering, Matt put himself through school by working in the service industry which taught him how to engage with all walks of life, and also broadened his understanding of the human condition. Matt prides himself in bringing compassion, integrity and empathy to his work, and is committed to helping individuals and families move through their mental health and addiction issues. He was particularly drawn to Resurface Group due to the highly individualized model that the company offers to each of its clients. Matt loves spending his free time with his wife and beautiful daughters, and he also enjoys astronomy, bodysurfing, baseball, photography, snowboarding, volunteering and traveling. 

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