Our Team

40+ years of experience

When you or your loved one receive care from The Resurface Group, you are choosing a unique path to substance abuse and/or mental health care. Because of this, you can count on a few realities that may not be present in other typical styles of treatment. This is what sets The Resurface Group apart.

Ari Drosman

Chief Visionary Officer


Ari Drosman, Chief Visionary Officer, brings over 15 years of experience including a background at one of the largest rehab centers in the nation. Having worked as a clinical director in both private and public sectors, Ari realized he has an innate desire to help those not benefiting from the traditional recovery treatment.


He has obtained his CATC IV and is a licensed MFT which allowed him to further his research and studies to finds ways to meet those people where they are at. In doing so, he discovered specific approaches and treatment plans that succeeded in numbers. Having studied English, philosophy, and obtaining a master’s degree in Psychology from Chapman University, Ari has a diversified portfolio to help him adapt to each individual he works with.


He has worked with thousands of people struggling with substance abuse, mental illness, family crisis, and psychosis. As an active practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, he draws from his connection to nature, his family, and loved ones to bring the same level of compassion and care to his clients. 

Jason Brumback


Jason Brumback is the Founder/President of the Resurface Group. Jason co-founded the Resurface Group after working as a counselor in the mental health and addiction field for several years.  Throughout his time in the field, he noticed that there were limitations to the scope of services provided by traditional treatment. This realization led him to develop a program that offers long-term, family-focused care that creates lasting change for the entire family system. Resurface was designed to treat a variety of behavioral health issues such as mental health disorders, addiction, and behavioral issues through experiential methods and intensive family support.


Before his journey in the mental health field, Jason owned and operated a thriving company in commercial development and construction management. Jason found his passion for working with others in the mental health field and went on to own and operate multiple companies servicing the needs of others in the behavioral health field. 

Mike Boyer

Chief Clinical Officer

Mike Boyer AMFT-121147, Chief Clinical Officer, has extensive experience working in addiction and mental health treatment as a counselor and Program Manager. In 2016 he formed his own consulting and coaching practice after noticing a gap in the field. Boyer recognized that clients were learning core recovery skills but lacked effective life skills and the avenues to engage with meaningful experiences outside of a treatment setting. Through his work, he came to understand that there are certain individuals that need a different approach.


Mike joined with Ari Drosman and Jason Brumback to co-found Resurface, a company dedicated to those individuals who don’t fit the mold. He is committed to helping recovering individuals reengage with meaning and purpose, and discover balance in their lives. Change is an ongoing process that usually takes the path of subtle shifts that yield impactful results over time. Becoming aware of those shifts and more intentional about their direction is how a person takes ownership of their life and can achieve a new, healthier way of being. Mike is currently pursuing his Master’s in Counseling from California State University Fullerton and received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver.

Chelsea Reeves

Lead Clinician

Chelsea Reeves, Lead Clinician, with The Resurface Group. Chelsea grew up in East Texas where her passion for connecting and helping others was first ignited. Chelsea moved to Newport Beach when she was only 19 to begin her own personal journey of recovery. She began her professional experience over a decade ago where she joined a well-respected women’s program and started her work in the mental health field. Chelsea has worked with other adolescent programs and non-profit organizations in numerous leadership roles, and volunteered with the Long Beach Rescue Mission, The Lynne House, Facing Addiction and actively serves young women in the community of Orange County. Chelsea holds an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Rex Ferguson

Lead Clinician

Rex Ferguson, Clinical Operations Manager, loves people. Over the last decade he has developed a passion for helping others discover their purpose, process life difficulties, and grow. This passion led him to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. Working with people in therapy for nearly 5 years, he finds his work to be sacred and seeks to continually develop as a person and therapist to better serve others and those close to him. He believes that growth comes through genuine and intentional relationship and hopes to always be of benefit to others. He has experience working with people with substance abuse, dual diagnosis’, adolescents, and college age people. Having worked in more traditional settings Rex is grateful to be a part of the Resurface team, where they develop creative and personalized approaches to life change. In his free time Rex loves to surf, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, read, do yoga, and travel. 

Bridget Hill

Lead Clinician

Bridget Hill, Lead Clinician, has worked in the addiction treatment and mental health field for 6 years. She believes that working in a range of settings from residential treatment in San Francisco and Orange County to adolescent counseling in high schools around Sacramento, has given her the knowledge and experience to be especially helpful to individuals and families struggling with life’s challenges. With an educational background in addictions counseling and currently in pursuit of a masters degree in marriage and family therapy, she maintains a high level of passion for learning and growing professionally. 

She values alternative and creative approaches to supporting individuals as they make lasting change. This is also why she appreciates Resurface’s refreshing and thorough approach to providing support to individuals and families in need. 

She asserts that living in several different countries as a young adult has provided her with a unique perspective on culture, mental health, holistic healing and therapeutic techniques. 

Being a college athlete and a women’s lacrosse coach she finds value in encouraging clients to foster connection, teamwork, discipline, physical exercise and positivity.


Johnathan Monte

Life Coach

Jonathan Monte, Life Coach, is a dynamic and multi-faceted coach, transformation strategist, speaker and author who helps his clients transform their lives through his one-on-one coaching, workshops, and masterclass program. He has more than 26 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, celebrities, CEO's, and thousands of people struggling with trauma, mental illness and substance abuse.

Through his lifetime of personal experience, professional experience and unique perspective, he has developed powerful, practical and proven methods which allows him to understand, connect and guide his clients to uncover and overcome the hidden blocks holding them back, discover a more authentic identity, create lasting changes, unleash their potential, achieve their goals and create a life of greater happiness, purpose and fulfillment. 


Jeff Gonzell

Clinical Support Specialist

Jeff Gonzell, Clinical Support Specialist, has multiple years of working with mental health and substance abuse clients. He briefly left the field due to seeing a massive gap in the approach to treatment. He remained committed to helping those struggling with addiction and mental illness, starting his own recovery podcast and leading by example to give back in a new and fresh way.

Eventually he found The Resurface Group, a team that was deeply aligned with his philosophy of helping, and a group that seemed to close the gaps that brought him out of the field in the first place. He brings a positive healthy energy of accountability and inspiration to his clients. His intentional and heart felt approach with life skills and custom daily routine development, comes from an array of different perspectives and experiences. He strongly believes that everyone is
worthy of a life filled with purpose and belonging, that we all have a voice and we can change the world by sharing how we ourselves have changed.


Lauren Plummer

Lead Clinician

Lauren Plummer, Lead Clinician, is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings including a Grief Support Community, Residential Treatment Center for Adolescents with Eating Disorders, and a Non-profit Mental Health Clinic. Lauren has a passion and skill for helping clients feel genuinely valued and cared for. She takes pride in providing them with a safe place to be fully seen and understood. After struggling herself as a teenager and experiencing first hand the lack of relatable and understanding therapists for adolescents and young adults, it became her passion to help them find their voice and navigate the new obstacles of becoming independent and taking on adult responsibilities. She believes that through psycho-education, empowerment, and compassion, she can help clients find their voice and each part of the family system create new healthy patterns. Other than therapy, Lauren enjoys yoga, spending time at the beach, and hanging out with her nieces.