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How To Let Go Of My Adult Child

Just like in any intimate relationship, there can be unhealthy boundaries within the relationship of a child and parent. As a parent one needs to know the difference of loving your child unconditionally and not letting their actions effect your mental health and well-being. The relationship between parent and child should be one that gives comfort, joy and love. Our program at The Resurface Group brings understanding that loving your child enough to let them grow is a great first step towards a healthy relationship.

Detachment from my Adult Child

When it comes to relationships, there is a big misconception about detachment. Detaching doesn’t mean that you have to build a wall between the two of you. Instead, it is about letting go of your own expectations from each other.

As a parent you love your children unconditionally, somewhere down the line you also expect that love to be returned. Things can become difficult if your child neglects and fails to reciprocate the same love they receive. Unfortunately, these situations make us parents realize a fundamental truth about parenting that no matter how much you love your adult children; you cannot control their life choices or depend on them for your own happiness. When you start depending on your children for your own happiness, it can lead to grief and disappointment.

My Adult Child Can Find Their own Happiness

Here at The Resurface Group we encourage parents to often examine their own feelings. If you have noticed that your child's actions are heavily weighing on your mental health and well-being, please reach out. It is very important to understand that you cannot control the behavior of your child, and the best love you can show is to let them go and lead them to find their own happiness. At the end of the day, parenting is as much about letting go, as it is about loving, accepting and taking caring for them.

Take the Next Steps with The Resurface Group

You can join begin a conversation with experts and make letting go of your adult child a smooth, less painful experience. From mental health, addiction to recovery; The Resurface Group offers a specialized platform to take the first step and bring a positive change to you and your family.

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