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Setting Healthy Boundaries and Establishing Healthy Communication

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. However, creating and setting these boundaries, with family and friends, is not an easy task and is a skill we need to learn. “A boundary is a limit or space between you and the other person; a clear place where you begin and the other person ends... The purpose of setting a healthy boundary is, of course, to protect and take good care of you,” according to IPFW/Parkview Student Assistance Program. It is important in all relationships that each person has a sense of independence within themselves. Setting these boundaries makes sure the relationship is built on mutual trust, respect, and growth. The more clarity around everyone’s boundaries the more people feel like they're safe and understood. Here we will dive into a few ways to set healthy boundaries:

Know Where to Establish Your Boundaries

It is very important to be clear on where the boundaries in relationships need to be set. These boundaries can involve emotional, physical, spiritual, and even external limits.

Be Direct with Your Boundaries

Everyone has different boundaries, and often times we cross boundaries without even knowing. Being direct about your boundaries, and how you feel when they are crossed, brings the relationship a step forward to more growth and connection.

Practice Self-Awareness and Give Yourself Permission

Self-awareness allows us to acknowledge and better understand our feelings. One of the more difficult aspects of establishing boundaries is giving yourself grace and permission. Staying strong on your own personal boundaries, whether it be with a family member or close friend, can be difficult and lead to feeling guilty. However, understand that being aware of your own personal feelings and establishing your boundaries are a sign of self-respect and love.

Self-Care is a Priority

Establishing and holding true to your boundaries is a step towards further self-care, self respect, and self love. Putting yourself first plays an important role in many aspects of our lives, and boundaries are no different. When we are in a better place, we can be better for those we love and care about.

Healthy Communication with Boundaries

Healthy communication allows relationships to take steps further into trust and develop deeper connections. Have conversations about the communication styles that allow you to stay present and listen well. Remember, setting boundaries is a difficult task. It is OK to start small and work up from there.

Next Steps at Resurface

The experienced, professional staff at The Resurface Group is trained to help establish boundaries within every relationship. We help strengthen connections, promote change, and help healing. Please reach out to us today if you believe you, your family, or loved ones need help with setting boundaries. There is love, and there is help.

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