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Social Acceptance of Mental Illness

The concepts of right or wrong and even our very behaviors are regulated by the norms that are socially acceptable. This need to be accepted by the people around us is an immeasurable aspect of our everyday life. Although, it seems quite simple, the process of being accepted by others is quite complex. It’s more than being able to please others, social acceptance means being able to please yourself and be liked for the person that you are. Therefore, it is not improbable to gauge that for a person with mental illness, it is quite a hard task to be accepted in society, owing to his unique and uncommon idiosyncrasies and functioning of the mind.

The Barriers to Social Acceptance That Mental Illness Faces.

It is no new knowledge that mental health is treated in a different manner when compared to physical health, and the perceptions, acceptance and normalization of the same is quite different in everyday society. This disparity can result in unequal treatment of those afflicted with such conditions and even cause that person to be discriminated. It also results in stopping these people suffering from mental illness to obtain the treatment that they need and deserve, due to any shame they may be carrying.

Other barriers that hinder social acceptance of mental illness includes stigma, ranging from mental illness to be regarded as an abnormality, an incurable disability, something requiring long-term heavy medication, lack of trust and even isolation. Such social perceptions only help aggravate mental issues like depression, anxiety and addiction and cause further harm and damage. The lack of knowledge and understanding that mental illness truly is an illness, leads to further confusion and disregard for a condition that requires accurate treatment. The shame of being identified as the family member or as being the victim of a mental illness stops a lot of individuals and families from acknowledging the issues that they are facing.

How Society Is Changing It’s Views on Mental Health

Society today is becoming much more accepting of mental illness and health. Although, there are parts of society that is still unaware of the significance of mental health, the numbers are quickly diminishing, with even the older generations paying attention to the issue of mental health. Some reasons why such social acceptance towards mental illness is happening include:

· The boom of the internet- One of the major causes that have resulted in mental illness to be accepted socially is the internet has made it possible for vast amount of information and resources to be available to the common people regarding mental health issues, and this has made people further aware of such conditions.

· Mental health campaigns- Another powerful factor behind the acceptance of mental illness in society are the numerous mental health campaigns that are being launched all over the world. It is a way of educating people that mental illness is in no way different from physical illness, and that there is a period of illness and a period of recovery like in any disease. Some powerful mental health campaigns include The Power of Okay- See Me, #HereForYou, UOKM8 by the LADBible Group and many more.

· The availability of clinical treatment- Science and technology related to mental illness has advanced exponentially, with various specific treatments for specific mental health issues being available in modern day shrinks. The use of medication and therapy in a symbiotic manner has created visible results that proclaim mental illness can be treated and quite successfully as well.

· A culture of non-judgmental dialogue- A lot of stigma and taboo that surrounded mental illness earlier has decreased in modern times. Inclusivity of family members suffering from mental health issues and ushering them with love, compassion and warmth, and the practice of non-judgmental dialogue has encouraged many patients to come forward with their struggles. These developments in society has only resulted in these patients to be accepted wholeheartedly by the rest of the society and offered the treatment that they need and deserve.

Next Steps Towards Mental Health with Alternative Care at Resurface

As has been explained above, mental illness is no longer an issue that is met with a special treatment or lack of apathy, but is rather accepted in an organic and natural manner in society. Please feel free to reach out to us right now, or start by talking to someone that you trust and believe if you or anybody you know has been showing signs of mental illness. Remember, there is always someone out there ready to help you out. It is not right for you to feel alone, ashamed or embarrassed. Here at Resurface we want you to know that your lives are important and we care for it intimately.

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